Pacific Advanced Technology

30 Years in infrared electro-optics cameras and instrumentation development

Current Development


Infrared Imaging Spectrometers

For over thirty years Pacific Advanced Technology has been developing technology for the US defense department for various application in defense and security.  Most recent development has been the integration of a array of diffractive optics into a closed cycle dewar cooler with the optical actuation entirely enclosed in the dewar. This is significant because it reduces the size, wight and cost of the infrared imaging spectrometer and  increases the rugged nature of the infrared camera


Smallest Infrared Imaging Spectrometer

Latest imaging spectrometer was designed for small drone application for the detection of chemical/biological warfare agents to support the US Special Operation Command (SOCOM) with interest from others such as Rapid Reaction Technology Office (RRTO)

Infrared Imaging Spectrometer as Drone payload

Designed for Small Drone Applications

This current miniature infrared imaging spectrometer is designed as a payload on a small drone for the detection of chemical and biological warfare agents.  Other applications are the detection of camouflaged target embedded in foliage.  The sensor is less than 3 pounds

History of Sales and Services

Research and Development of Special Infrared Cameras


Infrared Imaging Spectrometers have not only been used by the US defense department for various applications but were commercialized for optical gas imaging and quantification

Optical Gas Imaging Cameras for industrial markets


Pacific Advanced Technology formed a wholly owned subsidiary Gas Imaging Technology (GIT) to concentrate on the optical gas imaging world wide market in the oil, gas, chemical and power industry

Optical Gas Imaging Cameras Sold Worldwide


Sales teams worldwide support efforts to demonstrate and sell GIT products.  Here in Saudi Arabia our team worked tirelessly to demonstrate the optical gas imaging camera Sherlock

Founder lead company for over 30 years of success


In 2014 Michele Hinnrichs Pacific Advanced Technology founder was awarded the best female entrepreneur in  technology for Santa Barbara County by the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Best Technology Company in North Santa Barbara County


In 2011 Pacific Advanced Technology was awarded best technology company of the year in north Santa Barbara county by the the Pacific Coast Business Times.

One of top 50 owned women businesses in Santa Barbara County


In 2009 Pacific Advanced Technology was recognized as one of the top 50 women owned business in Santa Barbara county 

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Infrared Spectral Imaging Cameras Quantify


Our optical gas imaging cameras can quantify the mass flow rates of VOC fugitive gas leaks

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Third Party Testing


The Sherlock Gas Imaging Camera participated in third party testing at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington England in 2017

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Small Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Chemical/Biological gas detection


Under an enhancement to a Phase II SBIR Pacific Advanced Technology is developing the smallest infrared imaging spectrometer

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Athena Sensor Participated in Field Trials


With an invitation from SOCOM Pacific Advanced Technology participated in field trials to demonstrate that the Athena sensor could remotely measure the spectral signatures of different gas phase chemical agents.

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Papers of Interest


The staff at Pacific Advanced Technology has published numerous technical papers of the years.

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Technology Developed with Support of SOCOM and RRTO


New and patented approach to infrared imaging spectrometer uses and array of diffractive optics to simultaneously collect spectral images.

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