Meet the Team

Michele Hinnrichs Chirman of the Board

Michele Hinnrichs

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ms. Hinnrichs has been leading the company ever since it's founding in 1988.  Over that period she has developed several patents and written numerous papers on advanced technology in the area of infrared electro-optics and image processing.  Most recently she has founded a company in Puerto Rico, Verluz LLC, that performs services in the area of miniature real-time image processing electronics and algorithms.  although Ms Hinnrichs is still active in the company as Chairman most of her time is spent in Puerto Rico running operations there.


Brad Hinnrichs

Recently joined the team at Pacific Advanced Technology to lead the research and development of our latest products, CBIRD, Athena and Helios.  These are the smallest infrared imaging spectrometer that exist.  Currently being integrated into a small helicopter drone


Todd Malhmood

Todd has worked for Pacific Advanced Technology for over 15 years as our lead programmer.  He is responsible for most of the software that runs our infrared imaging spectrometers as well as the analysis tools used to create spectral images and pixel by pixel spectra